Monetal - the expense tracker

Offering a clean and intuitive interface, the application makes it super easy and fun for you to track expenses!

Monetal allows you to create several accounts for cash, credit cards, electronic money, and then log income and expenses for each account via plus and minus icons on the main screen. You’ll be done before you get your change back.

Add transaction within 3 clicks

Thousands users already uses Monetal. Start your finance history right now!

Your finance data is belongs to you. Consider to backup it sometimes.

Free version doesn't have any ads Completely.


Why Monetal is so useful?

🚀 Instant loading

😁 Add transaction within 3 clicks

🙏 Intuitive design

💪 Considers the costs, revenues, and debts

📚 Unlimited categories and subcategories

📨 Monthly report to your email

🌞 Works offline without any registration*

🔑 Password lock and fingerprint

🚢 Special mode for travels

✨ Events and season tickets accounting

💻 Command line for perfect tunning

🏦 Support credit and company cards

💾 Cloud autobackup

🌖 Light and dark themes

🎉 No ads. Absolutely!

☝ Flexible budget system

📖 Detailed payment history

🔗 Sync between devices

⚡ It's charged with positive energy

💰 Attracts wealth

📦 App takes about 5Mb,

❤️ and history for 5 years - 500Kb!

Apple Watch

Install Monetal on your Apple Watch to check accounts balances and transactions history.

Documentation and Forum

Becoming a user is really easy. But little efforts and you will be a Master of Monetal!

First, read a Documentation. It contains a lot of useful information, including articles, video tutorials and some tips. Then condsider to check threads for iOS , Android , and WinPhone app versions. Here you can ask questions, follow the discussion and effect to further app development.

Subscribe to Twitter Monetal to get latest news about development.


Without doubts

Monetal supports three main platforms, takes 5Mb, free from ads and doesn't required any account or registration. It works fine in offline mode and contains all your data, which will be about 500Kb for 5 years. Thought-out to the smallest detail and having settings for every occasion, Monetal is ready to become your reliable assistant.

Do you use another finance tracker? Just write to support and start to use Monetal. When importer will be ready, you will transfer all your data to Monetal.

Download Monetal right now and start writing your finance story!

From developer

"Hello. My name is Ilya, I'm developer of Monetal. Since I have got my first Lumia from Nokia in 2012, I was looking for a good finance manager. Monetal is my vision of the personal finance application. It uses "tap-tap-tap" technology, which provide very fast way to add new transactions.
I hope you'll like it. Thank you."

Ilya Krupko, developer of Monetal

What can be better?

If something can be better please write to or one of our forums.

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