Quick start

To start using Monetal, first, you need to create one or more accounts. To do this, tap the "PLUS" button on the main screen, then type the name of the new account, its current balance, and select a currency. If you have more than one account, the Total panel will appear on top of the main screen to show you the total amount of all positive accounts.

Tap [+] or [-] button on account to add its income or expense. Then enter an amount and select a category. You can add a category by tapping on "..." button.

When you create a transaction hold your finger on the selected category, and you will be prompted to add a note.

Create a transaction by tapping the [-] button on the account where you want to take the money from. Then, simply enter the amount, and tap [↑↓] button to choose the second account where you want the money to be transferred to.

Tap on the account to browse its history.



If you have many tags try to group them. Groups improve reports quality and speed up transaction creating. Check example below:

Tips and tricks


How to do a transfer between accounts?

Transfer transaction could be done like any other transaction. After entering amount click button in the bottom menu and switch to transfer tags. Choose account and here you are.

How to add note to transaction?

Hold the tag while create a transaction and enter note. You can also hold an existing transaction, and choose Add note in the context menu.

I have several devices. How to sync between them?

Every device must have other device names in its settings. There is slightly outdated video "How to enable syncing".

Where is a year or total report?

Open Expenses tab which contains current moth report. Use left arrow in the bottom to switch month, use right arrow to see Year and Total reports. Tap month panel at top to open calendar view.

How to transfer data to a new device?

Monetal > Settings > Scroll to bottom > Transfer data to new device

Command line

You can use Command line to set additional settings and parameters. To launch it Monetal -> Settings -> CommandLine.

import CODE - import data from other device

syncwith CODE - enable sync between devices

backupeveryweek - autobackup interval are 7 days

backupeveryday - autobackup interval is day

lefthander - swap + and - on account view

righthander - swap + and - on account view

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